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Where are orders sent from?

We send our orders from the UK and the USA. In this way, we can guarantee speedy delivery and without hold-ups at customs.

How do you send orders?

We send all orders with only your name and address on the package but the contents are not disclosed to protect your privacy. The order itself is wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it won’t be damaged in transit. In this way, we ensure full security and complete discretion.

Do you send the products discreetly?

We are considering your privacy at all times so parcels are sent with no indications of their contents inside along with a return address.

What is standard delivery?

Standard delivery will take 7-20 days depending on what Country you are located and the delivery service you have selected.

What is Premium shipping option?

This delivery option has full tracking with our logistic partners and is a reliable delivery option if you are in a hurry for your order.

How long will it be before my order arrives?

We send off orders as soon as payment is confirmed but usually within 24 hours of your order reaching us or the same day if we receive your order by early. Orders placed at the weekends won’t be sent until the following Monday while Orders placed during public holidays will be sent the next business day.

Do you ship orders outside the UK?

Yes, we welcome customers from outside the UK. Bank Transfers can take 1-2 days before they reach our account so there might be a slightly longer delay before payment is confirmed. Orders are then processed and shipped as quickly as our UK orders. However, we can’t guarantee the same speed of delivery as it depends on the overseas postal service over which we have no control. Orders can arrive anywhere between 5 and 20 days.

What will happen if my order is kept by customs?

Before ordering, you should make sure you have a full understanding of the laws where you reside. It is highly unlikely that your order will be seized by customs officers. Contact us if you have any issues and we will resolve.

Can I ship to an address different from my billing address?

Yes, simply input the new billing address when making your order.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by credit/debit card, bitcoin, Paypal, or bank transfer

Can I pay by western union or money gram?

We do not accept these payment methods. We are searching for alternate methods of payment to accept however these are not currently one of them. We can accept a Money order for payment.
Please note that your order will not ship until we have received the money order.

Is your website secure?

As a company, the security of our customers’ personal details is our top priority. Not only do we use the highest level of encryption of your data but we also have a policy never to share your information with third parties without your permission.

Don’t peptides need to be kept at a certain temperature during transit?

The temperature of the peptides during transit is not of concern. For them to remain active, the most important factor is that they are kept out of direct sunlight.

Why are your prices so reasonable?

We keep our prices low because we work directly with manufacturers.

Do you offer refunds?

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they know which peptide is the most appropriate for their research purposes. For obvious reasons, we could never resell a product which had been returned to us. We can only replace if it is clear that it has suffered damage in transit.

What is a peptide?

A peptide is a group of two or more amino acids attached by a peptide bond. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein and play a crucial role in many of your body’s natural functions including stimulating hormonal activity or repairing damage to the body. Although they are produced naturally by our bodies, they can also be derived from animal or plant sources or be manufactured synthetically.

How should I store my peptide when I receive it?

Peptides should be stored in a place away from direct heat and sunlight.

What is the best way to store peptides?

Lyophilized peptides should be stored at +4°C. Under these conditions, most peptides are stable for up to 6 months. After rehydration, aliquot the solution and freeze at -20°C to -80°C. Rehydrated, frozen peptides are typically stable for 3 months. Please avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
Peptides containing Trp, Cys, and Met residues can be easily oxidized and are therefore less stable.

What form do you sell your peptides in?

All of our peptides are sold in various sizes of vials of lyophilized powder.

How can I reconstitute my peptides?

Peptides must be mixed with bacteriostatic water and/or acetic acid. These liquids keep the peptides fresh, prevent them from deteriorating and keep them free of bacteria for longer periods. Before using bacteriostatic water, which has been kept in the fridge, allow it to reach room temperature as this will facilitate dissolution. In general, simple peptides will only require the addition of bacteriostatic water. However, more complex and long chain peptides will need a small quantity of acetic acid (10-20%) which is then topped up with bacteriostatic water.

Why does the peptide look cloudy when I mix it?

Peptides vary in the degree to which they are soluble in bacteriostatic water. This is especially true of ones which contain multiple hydrophobic amino acid residues. If you have difficulties in dissolving the peptide, we recommend you use a small quantity of dilute (approximately 10%) of aqueous acetic acid for basic peptides or aqueous ammonia for acidic peptides. The addition of these liquids should improve the dissolution of the peptide.

Can I send your products to be tested?

Yes, absolutely. We stand by the quality of all our products and strongly urge you to have them tested by any impartial third-party laboratory. Tests which can be carried out include mass-spec, AAA, Maldimass and HPLC.

Are there various peptides for different purposes?

Yes, each peptide has its unique function and benefit to the human body.

Why does this vial contain less than my previous order?

During the lyophilization process, a nitrogen flush is added to remove any contaminants. This stage of the manufacturing process can affect the appearance of the peptide. Other factors such as the temperature or the leakage of water vapour from the vial can cause the contents to stick to the side of the vial. Although it may not be visible to the human eye, all our vials are filled automatically and contain exactly the same quantity of peptide.

Why do peptides differ in appearance?

Peptides come in a variety of shapes and sizes due to their nature. Often the ‘cake’ may break during transit. This is normal and doesn’t affect their quality or potency. Also, proteins like LR3 are naturally larger than GRF or GHRP.

What can I use your peptides products for?

Our products are sold on the understanding that they are exclusively for research purposes only. They should never be used for the treatment of any medical condition, deficiency or disease or be added to food for human consumption.

Do you sell other products which don’t appear on your website?

No. The only products we sell are those you can see on our website. These products are peptides for research purposes. Please don’t ask for anything else.

What is a Sarm?

SARM, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, is a substance that is bioequivalent to anabolic steroids but without harmful side effects. Numerous SARMs are now available on the market, and their benefits are gaining widespread recognition.

Are Sarms legal?

Presently, SARMs are legal, but more study on their safety for human ingestion is still being undertaken. For those who wish to increase their muscle growth, strength, and fat-to-muscle ratio, however, it appears that these supplements can provide excellent results. There are also minimal adverse effects.

How are Sarms stored?

Sarms must be handled correctly. Therefore, they should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight. They can be stored in the refrigerator. Dry sarms can be preserved at room temperature for weeks, months, or years.

What form do you sell Sarms in?

Each of our sarms is sold in capsules or vials containing lyophilized powder. Please feel free to contact us for any details.

Have you reconstituted your Sarms?

Pharmagrade does not reconstitute their sarms. This enables buyers to store them in the fridge at the right time.

How do I take powder sarms?

The bitter-tasting powder is often dissolved in 10 to 20 milligrams of liquid and consumed, although it can also be eaten with sweet foods such as jam.

How does Pharmagrade ensure that its goods pass through local customs?

We send all the products unlabelled and as samples. But it is up to the customer to know their country’s laws.

How can I contact Pharma Grade?

We have a top-notch customer service that can be reached via email. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours of you contacting us, making sure your complaints and inquiries are taken care off and leaving you with a bright smile. This is because we are here to assist all our customers and we will look after each one of you dearly; that is a promise we have made.